Alpha Series

A valve of versatile design, superb performance and numerous control options. Available in Body ported, Subbase, Stacking and Manifold mounted configurations. Bonded, precision ground spool resists wear and provides excellent shift response. 5 Control options available; Solenoid/Spring, Double Solenoid, Solenoid/Pilot, Pilot/Spring and Double Pilot. Optional external solenoid supply allows operation for vacuum service and low pressure applications.

Alpha (Thin) Manifold

Complete one piece manifold means no assembly or end plates needed. Designed to reduce OEM installation cost, ease maintenance and clean plumbing. Flows of 25-39 SCFM.

Alpha Body Ported

4-way solenoid and pilot valves that are versatile in design, that offer superb performance and are available with numerous control options. Flows of 27-61 SCFM.

Alpha Stacking

Elimination of the manifold make this valve the lowest cost method of ganging valves. Flip out design allows valves to be replaced without disassembling the stack. Flows of 39-63 SCFM.

Alpha Sub-base

Replace valves easily! Simply remove three screws, lift off valve and replace. Port sizes of 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” available. Flows of 43-57 SCFM.